The Paraná



It seems that Paraná was meant to surprise you. The state is larger than many countries, such as Uruguay, Greece, Austria and Portugal. When you think about the territory, it is easy to understand why Paraná has options that appeal to everyone: beaches with salt and fresh water, countryside with the charm of the interior, islands that can be called paradises, the structure of the great metropolis and also exuberant nature. There are about 90 conservation units, nooks where the Atlantic Forest is preserved. Everything here is to fill your eyes.

Ilha do Mel
Ilha do Mel - Photo: Acervo SEBRAE - Priscila Forone / Paraná Turismo

In the heart of southern Brazil, it borders on Mato Grosso do Sul, Santa Catarina and São Paulo, and borders with Argentina and Paraguay.The hospitality of the people of Paraná is an attraction apart.Nor could it be different, for the history of the state is an ethnic-cultural mosaic.Indians, blacks, Italians, Dutch, Germans, Poles, Ukrainians, Portuguese, and Japanese made Paraná their place in the world.

Curitiba, the capital, is modern, sophisticated and cosmopolitan.It is a portrait of diversity, with historical, cultural and gastronomic circuit, as well as architecture and cuisine with European influence.And there is much more to know and do for the state.There are 399 municipalities, with ecological sanctuaries, biodiversity, destinations and well-structured itineraries.

Ópera de Arame - Curitiba
Ópera de Arame in Curitiba - Photo: Acervo Prefeitura de Curitiba / Paraná Turismo

Whoever comes from far, can choose between the eight airports in the different regions of the State. And who prefers to hit the road, gives a ride for great moments. The quality of the highways allows you to rotate and be delighted at every curve of the way.

It is not only leisure that conquers tourists here. Business and events are on the Paraná calendar all year round. These are technical events, trade shows and opportunities that go hand in hand with strong local industry, structured trade and the expanding service chain.

Come and see the cities and the beauties of Paraná. You will be surprised.

A Taça
The Taça, Vila Velha State Park - Photo: Prefeitura de Ponta Grossa




Icone Cachoeira

In Paraná, the emotion has a movie scenario, postcards are giant waterfalls, canyons, mountains and valleys, for those who enjoy rafting, mountaineering, rappelling, kayaking, climbing and much more. In the waters, there are also options: fishing, jet skiing, boat trips, diving and surfing...

Icone Museu

In addition to ecotourism, sun and beaches, cultural tourism has space in the four corners of Paraná, with secular and other modern theaters, museums that tell the history of art and people from here and around the world, monuments, galleries, historical centers and memorials.

Icone Folclore Dança

And It does not stop there.Typical festivals, folklore, and religious celebrations are the mirror of a people of faith who value their origins.Rural and gastronomic tourism completes the picture.There are so many options that Paraná is a great destination for different travelers.

Icone Caminhada Trecking

Families, backpackers, romantic and religious are welcome in the 14 tourist regions of Paraná.Options are not lacking.Pack your bags and come and live everything Paraná offers.



Rafting em Sengés
Rafting in Sengés - Photo: Acervo SEBRAE - Mauro Frasson / Paraná Turismo



Mapa do Paraná


Cataratas do Iguaçu – Foz do Iguaçu
Jardim Botânico – Curitiba
Ilha do Mel – Paranaguá
Vila Velha – Ponta Grossa
Estrada de Ferro – Curitiba-Paranaguá
Itaipu – Foz do Iguaçu
Museu Oscar Niemeyer – Curitiba
Parque Arthur Thomas – Londrina
Parque das Aves – Foz do Iguaçu
Santa Felicidade – Curitiba


Onde Ficar PR
Photo: Paraná Turismo


A world of options to receive well

Hotels in Paraná leave nothing to be desired for great destinations in the world. Major cities concentrate on options ranging from bed and breakfast to resorts. Even in places where nature is practically untouched, you can stay in charming inns or camp and enter the climate of the place. Choose your destination and make your reservation.


Barreado - Photo: Paraná Turismo


Carneiro no Buraco
Carneiro no Buraco - Photo: Paraná Turismo


A journey through the paranaenses flavors

The typical dishes from Paraná have flavors that are true trips through the culture and history of the State. The best known, without doubt, is the barreado of the Coast of Paraná. Azorean origin, historians indicate that the delicacy may have been created to kill the hunger and fatigue of Carnival revelers - festivities of Portuguese origin that preceded Lent.

But traditional Paraná cuisine has many other typical dishes, each with the seasoning of a time, a people and a region.Carne de onça, carneiro no buraco, costela ao fogo de chão, entrevero de pinhão, pachola, pão no bafo, pierogi, pintado na telha, porco no rolete, porco no tacho, quirera lapeana and more.It is mouthwatering.

And Paraná still has tables reserved for those who like the contemporary gastronomy and the trendy foods.There are restaurants, bistros and taverns to suit all tastes and pockets.

Come and taste the different menus from the four corners of the state.



Here in Paraná, the voltage is 110. But who wants to guarantee good memories on the way home, you should know. Because some establishments, hotels or residences can count on network 220 volts. To ensure that you do not end up burning an electronic one on the trip, it's good to put a converter in your luggage.

Not only the famous cold weather of Curitiba lives Paraná. Despite having the coldest capital of Brazil, the state also has high temperatures. In the North, Northwest and West regions, heat is not rare. During the summer, it is common for thermometers to rotate around 30 degrees in cities such as Londrina (North), Maringá (Northwest), Paranavaí (Northwest) and Foz do Iguaçu (West). As the thermal variation is small in these localities, the average temperatures during the year are higher: between 18 and 27 degrees. Anyone traveling there does not need to pack their coats.

Praia de Matinhos
Matinhos Beach - Photo: Acervo SEBRAE - Priscila Forone / Paraná Turismo

To take off or land here, you have several options. There are two international airports: Afonso Pena in São José dos Pinhais, Metropolitan Region of Curitiba; and the International Airport of Foz do Iguaçu. All the regions are also well served by commercial flights at the other six airports in operation in the state, in the cities of Cascavel, Londrina, Maringá, Pato Branco, Ponta Grossa and Toledo.

In Paraná, in general, 10% of the total account is charged as a service fee. The value may be included in the invoice or be calculated separately by the consumer. Payment is not required. The custom is to leave the service charge on the table separately, or hand it over to the waiter. When calculated on the invoice total, you pay directly at the cashier. In hotels, bars, restaurants and taxis, tips are not included. However, it is good to contribute with the employees, if the tourist wishes.

Some nightclubs and bars charge entry or artistic cover, something that is not confused with the service charge.